I’m a firmware/embedded software engineer working in the Bay Area. By day, I work on big box RF signal generators. At night, I hack on USB, debuggers, and all things related to microcontrollers.

My history

I grew up hacking on Python scripts through high school, mostly writing simple CGI scripts (back when shared hosting was the standard).

In college, I studied EECS at UC Berkeley, where I picked up a bit of EE and a lot of CS. After about a semester, I joined CalSol, the solar vehicle team for fun because someone promised me cookies.

I ended up spending most of my time at CalSol, where I:

  • Built a telemetry system, a couple of times.
  • Soldered a few boards, plus a few square meters of solar array.
  • Raced a solar car across 1600 miles on solar power alone.
  • Helped design the architecture for the electrical system of the next car.

My days of sanding shell molds and holding up the array are now behind me, but I still serve as a general advisor to CalSol.

I currently work at Keysight Technologies (formerly known as Agilent, formerly known as Hewlett-Packard) as a firmware engineer, working in the High-Frequency Measurements group on signal generator firmware.